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  • Huckelberry 005


  • sammy


  • peppy


  • Joey


  • Samurai


  • rascal

    10 year old lucky boy Rascal

  • Griffin

    Griffin enjoying his first Christmas

  • BJ

    BJ found his soulmate and happy home!

  • Tabatha

    Miss Tabatha making herself at home.

  • Bennie1

    Bennie in his new home all the way in Cairns!

  • Zebby

    Zebby now known as Marley

  • Izzie2

    Beautiful Izzie’s second chance at life.

  • Spritza6

    Spritza now known as Molly

  • Beau

    Lucky Beau

  • Benjinewhome

    Benji found his purfect forever home!

  • Buddah and Savannah

    Best buddies Buddha and Savannah

  • Oakley

    Sweet Oakley

  • 563657_4659210631803_397279308_n

    Cindy now known as Scarlet

  • Cookies new family 002

    Adorable little Cookie

  • Moonstone

    Moonstone and Mitchell

  • coco and family

    Beautiful brave Coco

  • Cora2

    Cora now Meeko

  • Digger

    Digger finally finds love

  • Shenanigans 1

    Holly strikes Gold

  • Art

    Artie proves them wrong

  • Arthur

    Arthur off to Adventure

  • Mischa

    Mischa another Foster Fail

  • Buddha

    Bonding in Brisbane for Buddha

  • Chadd

    Chadwick at home in Sydney

  • Shiloh and Laurie

    Shiloh and Laurie

  • Sassie and Audrey

    Sassie and Audrey

  • Theo at home


  • Shadow and Merilynne

    Shadow and Merilynne

  • Ralphy and Daphne

    Ralphy and Daphne

  • Toby and Shirley

    Toby and Shirley

  • Romeo

    Romeo finds his perfect place

  • Maisie with Alex and Marlene

    Maisie goes home

  • Belle is happily adopted


  • Pepe and Greg


  • Mia and Sharon

    Mia with her new Mum

  • Pepper


  • Vanilla


  • Marco


  • Milly-and-family

    Milly finds a forever home & learns to love cats!

  • Eve

    Second time lucky for Eve

  • Jordie

    Jordie finds a forever lap!