Artie proves them wrong

Remember Artie? He weighed only 600 grams at 7 weeks of age when we rescued him, his mother & siblings from a neglectful home that wanted them gone. We didn’t think Artie would survive the night. We nursed him back to health over many months with many setbacks along the way. The Vet’s told us even though he was Retriever X Collie he would be unlikely to reach 10-15kg due his severely poor start in life. Now just 6 months on he weighs a whopping 21kg with more growing to come! We are so thankful to Artie’s adoptive family, Gabriele & Colin for seeing in Artie what we saw in that sick, defeated little boy he once was. He happily resides with his litter mate, Tami whom Gabriele & Colin adopted from the Maryborough Animal Refuge. Tami & Artie are best of friends, absolutely inseparable! They get walked every day, get to sleep inside with Mum & often get trips to the beach. Gabriele has done so well with their training & I was very impressed the pups ignored the free range chickens! Seeing Artie again reminds us why we do this, at times through heartache & headaches, criticism & sacrifice & that all the sacrifice really is worth it, to know you helped bring happiness to a dog’s life that would have otherwise ended in tragedy.