Dog Adoption Application Form
Cat Adoption Application Form

Q. I don’t think I can foster as I will get too attached to the foster pets.

A. While it is natural for you to become attached and feel protective towards your foster pet it is with a mixture of sadness but mostly joy that we farewell them to their new forever homes. Pet Warriors takes into consideration the foster carers thoughts about the most suitable new home for their foster pet. Being involved in the process helps in the saying goodbye. We also encourage our new Warrior families to keep in touch and email us updates about their new Warrior Pet so we can all see our pet bloom into a happy and much loved family member. It is such a rewarding feeling to see a nervous, undernourished, frightened animal bloom into a happy dog or cat under our care and then move on to a loving family home environment. It makes the parting so very much easier to bear. Fostering a pet and then saying goodbye leaves a space which is easily filled with a new foster pet.

Q. Why does it take so long to respond to my adoption query

A. Pet Warriors is run by volunteers and both our pet co-ordinators work full time and devote their spare time to helping to save our pets. We also believe that by taking the time to assess applicants we will find the very best home for our Pet Warrior pets. We use Facebook, our Web Site and the local Hervey Bay Oberver newspaper to advertise and promote our pets so we do need to wait a week or more to make sure that everyone who is interested in adopting an animal has time to apply. Then we do take some time to process your applications. We understand that waiting to hear if your application has been successful or not is very difficult and we do our very best to make a decision as quickly as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

Q. I think my dog needs a friend. Have you got a dog for me?

A. Dogs are like people and while some people can live together happily some people cannot. While some dogs are friendly and outgoing and will accept a new dog with joy and play times other dogs are settled in their homes and may not greet a new dog as an immediate new best friend. A new dog needs time to settle in to your home and your family and it often takes some time for a family dog to befriend the new dog. Sometimes we can arrange for your new Pet Warrior dog to spend a couple of weeks with your family before we finalise the adoption and this gives everyone time to adjust and settle into a new family shape.

Q. Will my new Pet Warrior pet make a mess inside my house?

A. Even the best toilet trained dogs and cats require time to relax and settle into your home so sometimes accidents can occur. We advise that you clear away any valuable items at floor level and restrict your new pet to non carpet areas of your house when it first arrives. By patiently but firmly encouraging good toileting habits and discouraging any non desired behaviour your new pet will quickly become a happy and well behaved loved addition to your family.