About Us

Fraser Coast Pet Warriors Inc is run solely by our inspired & appreciated volunteers who generously donate their time, energy & homes to this important worthwhile cause

Our mission is to find permanent loving homes for lost, neglected, abandoned & unwanted animals, which includes saving the lives of animals at local pounds who are scheduled for euthanasia. We are also dedicated to raising awareness within the local community about responsible pet ownership to reduce pet overpopulation, euthanasia & irresponsible pet ownership practices

Desexing your pet is vitally important in the battle against pet overpopulation

“Don’t breed or buy while the homeless die”

Every year in Australia 250,000 healthy dogs & cats are euthanised merely because there are not enough good homes for them to go to

Be apart of the solution, spay, neuter, foster & adopt!

Fraser Coast Pet Warriors Inc are always looking for new faces to help us make a difference to animals in the local community. If you think you might be interested and able to give assistance by giving a donation, fostering cats or dogs or donating a few hours of your time to assist with administration or marketing activities, we would be delighted to hear from you

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can!

“You are their Life, their Love, their Leader, they will be yours, faithful & true, to the very last beat of their heart”


President – Analee Clewes

Treasurer – Alannah Harders

Secretary – Shiloh Quill

Communication Officer –

Fundraising officer – Linda Hosking

Dog co-ordinator  –

Cat co-ordinator –

IT officer – Tracey McConnell


Fraser Coast Pet Warriors Inc. (FCPW) is a Not for Profit Incorporated Association No. IA37372.

FCPW was registered on 31st July 2009.

FCPW is registered with The Australian Tax Office as an Incorporated Entity.

Australian Business Number (ABN) 60 394 748 529

FCPW holds a “Certificate of Sanction” as per the Collections Act 1966 (Section 13(2) – Collections Regulation 2008) as of 29th October 2009. This enables Fraser Coast Pet Warriors to legally and lawfully collect donations. CP5310